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Sales Tax Audits Specialists & Experts in Los Angeles, California

If you get called for or are under an audit of your sales or use tax payments, you’re not alone. Small business audits are generally a random selection process, so don’t' think of it as being targeted by the government. At ABM, We do our best to represent you, first by giving you the lowest tax bill legally possible by law and by valuating your bookkeeping and tax preparation needs.

Depending on the state’s statute of limitations, most state bureaus will look for sales and use tax documentation for three or four years. The audit may be conducted at your business or at the offices of ABM in Beverly Hills, it’s your choice.
You may also expect a visit to your business facility by the state bureaus agents so auditors know what types of transactions to look for in your documentation.

Failure to comply with the sales and use tax rules can lead to tax assessments, interest and penalties for the corporate officers. Owners can also be held personally liable for any amounts due.

What ever your tax situation, whether complicated deductions, credits or liabilities, we’ll position our selves with the auditors with confidence to ensure proper and effective representation for you; our valued client.

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